About us

    Online Cinema Talkies is an one source stop for Debut Film Directors, Artists and Technicians to display their unique creations to the film industry.

    At Online Cinema Talkies you can find movies that are seldom found or played in other sites like youtube and vimeo. It is a place where young and talented Directors and Technicians can render their works and have their creations rated. Of course, you will find these movies on Youtube too, However these films are screened on Online Cinema Talkies and rated by the viewers.
    Online Cinema Talkies is a gateway enterprise designed to give you an opportunity to enter and make a difference in an industry that grows at an unprecedented speed with almost no open doors. If you have an Idea, Grab a Camera or a Mobile Phone and turn it into a unique film. Make it as different as possible. And if you have a film just let the world know about it. Post it on Online Cinema Talkies and leave the rest to us.
    We also hold a Contest to Award and recognize the talents of deserving  Artists, Technicians  and Directors for every stream in the making. Be it the Best Director, the Best picturization, Best Screenplay, Best Story or even the Best Sound track, Online Cinema Talkies Makes it possible for you to make your dreams come true. This is the Doorway for your big success. Our contest for the best short film is Beacon of light for every aspirant director. 
    These award events would sure be a great opportunity for every aspiring and talented person. You could be a Caterpillar aspiring to be a Colorful Butterfly some day and that’s exactly what we are passionate about to help you make a colourful mark of yourself.
    Look out for Contest details and Grab it.
    "Succor your visions. Create a movie. Earn for what you have created. Get recognized. Find your doors opening." 
    Happy Filming…


    Ramesh Beeraka – Founder & CEO
    An entrepreneur, mentor and visionary, Ramesh brings over 20 years of valuable experience in growing ideas into successful businesses. Meticulous planning and executing with surgical precision are his inborn traits. He consults and advises on strategy and business development.

    He found a big gap in the available talent and the quality of the output in the film industry and this gave the motivation to build the new concept of Online Cinema Talkies. An ardent lover of quality cinema, Ramesh brought to life this new concept of grooming the huge talent base in the global filmmaking industry. Through Online Cinema Talkies, he attempts to reach over to the global filmmakers and provide support and motivate them to produce better quality films

    Bharathy Beeraka – Manager
    Bharathy has played an instrumental role in build the Online Cinema Talkies. Her unending support and determination have made Online Cinema Talkies what it is today. She handles the operations and administration responsibilities with ease in addition to her family commitments.

    Ramya Manivannan – Chief Online Editor
    Ramya brings with her more than 14 years of experience in writing, editing, quality management and training. Her exceptional content management skills have provided a solid foundation to Online Cinema Talkies and she drives the portal with unbounded dedication and determination. A passionate movie lover, she heads content management at Online Cinema Talkies. She develops content for newsletters as well as writes reviews on movies on the Online Cinema Talkies portal. A multilingual personality, Ramya can speak / write English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam. 

    Jagadeesh Napa – Content Editor
    An accomplished business communications professional, Jagadeesh brings with him more than 13 years of experience into communications, content management and marketing. In his prior assignments, he wrote books on marketing, helped enterprises with the right marketing communications, wrote numerous articles for business magazines, and developed search engine optimised content for websites. An out and out movie buff, he writes and edits reviews on films at Online Cinema Talkies.