Life of a Coin

    Its a story about the journey of a coin in our society.We also wanted to represent the women in our society.In this new era of notes where there is a huge crisis of coin, we don’t give any attention on this & we are making a huge amount of loss day day through the exchange system of shopkeepers by chocolates or anything else in-spite of coin.

    Cast – Soumyadip Panda, Prince, Sanjib Dey, Aparajita Pandey, Bipul Sil, Arijit Manna, Dipraj Nag, Sukrit Saha, Swarup Chakraborty, Arnab Biswas, Amresh Kumar, Kundan Pandey, Amit Kumar.
    Director – Soumyadip Panda
    Production Controller – Arijit Manna
    Senior Advisor – Tapas Kumar Sikder
    Camera – P.K.Sikder
    VFX Artist – Arnab Biswas
    Editing – Soumyadip Panda
    Sound Designer – Arijit Manna
    Vocal – Pritha Ghorai

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