Mogoj Dholai

    Like countless other people, the protagonist feels that the fairer sex make too much of a hassle than it actually is when it comes to cases of eve-teasing. So, when he sees a girl being teased, he let’s it happen anyway and instead of helping her, he berates her. But what happens when next day, the tables are turned and it is he who faces the annoyance of being teased by a most unlikely source?

    Starring: Arnab Debnath, Shubhayan Sarkar, Oindrila Debnath, Utsav Mandal, Amandeep Singh
    Music & Sounds by – Adil Nadaf
    Technical Assistance – Avratanu Rakshit
    Title design – Doodlers
    On-set Photography – Saptarshi Mandal
    Production Manager – Shahin Anjum

    Directed, Edited, Cinematographer & Written by – Debojit Bhowmick

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