This unnerving Drama tells the fictional story of Emma Mae return and her notorious fight to defend her fiancee who was wrongfully convicted and put behind bars for the murder of three women.

    SYNOPSIS: EMMA MAE STREET HOOD DRAMA / COMEDY / HORROR Emma Mae Street Hood is a story based around Emma Mae who is the fiancee of Curtis Henderson in which he really loved, after breaking the news to Emma about a baby he have while cheating on her at a Houston Restaurant. Emma was out raged and disappointed. Emma Mae was hurt; last seem storming out of a Houston Restaurant. She was missing for three months after being kidnapped and taken hostess by a man who had been stalking her during a three-month period. Curtis waiting hurt and in love, but had to move on with his life. He decided to date through an Internet dating service and this is where he met Lesley. After meeting Lesley in a Houston park with her girl friend Rosie a beautiful blonde, they both come up missing; all the families, Police Officers and the public accused Curtis of the disappearance of all these girls. Breaking news aired that Curtis Henderson was off the streets and thrown in jail. After Emma Mae broke away from her kidnapper she saw the breaking news story and immediately got an Attorney to prove that Curtis didn’t kill her because she was Curtis fiancee, protesters protested he should stay in jail, while other protesters protested he should get out of jail. The Judge released Curtis right away. One of the protesters was the killer, who disguised himself as a mummy. He was discovered by Officer Mark and killed. In the middle and the end of the movie is a big twist!!!

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