Fear Of Hue

    The Film Is Narrated By Daniel Radcliffe, who read Fear Of Hue The Woman In Black Ghost Story Niki Torch an Incredible Young Writer Wrote
    The Film Is Directed By (17 Year Old South African) Curtis Woodside

    Fear Of Hue Centers around a Man Living in 19th Century England, who is haunted each night by a hostile female ghost.

    Fear Of Hue is a truly terrifying short film!
    Turn Off The Light, and Put your head phones on, for the full experinece

    The Behind The Scenes Of Fear Of Hue Is Featured on ‘Q&A With Curtis Woodside’

    Curtis Woodside Official Website: http://curtisryanwoodside.webs.com/
    Curtis Woodside Official Youtube: http://youtube.com/CurtisWoodsideVideo

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