Maayasiragu (the magical wing)

    As we live our daily lives, we come across innumerable women; each, with her own story to tell. Maya is one among them. She leads a seemingly normal life in a world that’s inhabited by her father and her friends, in equal measure. However, she’s special in that she realizes that the freedom to be who you are will give you wings to fly. Treading on a road less traveled, Maya opts to become a mother.

    Film Title: Maayasiragu (the magical wing)
    Duration: 30 mts
    Genre: Drama
    Language: Tamil and English (with english subtitles)
    Certified: No (we have provided our own certification – Age 13 & above)

    Story, Direction: Gopakumar
    Writer: Gopakumar & Abilash
    Cinematographer: Prabu Prasad (AD with Selvaraghavan)
    Produced by : Sripriya & Sangeeta
    Production house: Lensmangops Pictures (its our own venture financed by self – our films are with no / less budget)
    Cast: Berkin, Kumudham, Sandeep, Prabita, Kalpana, Jayaram, Janet Vineeta (AD with Gautam Menon),
    Crew (Our support panel): Prisy, Sandhya, Maheswaran

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