White + Black = RED

    "White & Black = RED" is a socially positive animated short with a strong antiracist message.

    The story is about an argument between two opposite characters: one white and one black who, by the end of the film, learn how to respect and love each other.

    It is entirely stop-motion animated on two female bodies, a pale one and a darker-skinned one.
    Therefore, I'm very grateful to the two models, who've been really, really patient during the production of this animated short!

    Directed and animated by Simone Giampaolo.

    Models: Sheela Clericetti, Sophie Hepp.


    Simone Giampaolo is an Animation student from Switzerland.

    Since his childhood, Simone has had a strong sense of form and colour. His passion for drawing grew with complexity into the creation of characters and stories. Even as a young student in secondary school, Simone's writings and illustrations have subsequently been published in the weekly Swiss magazine "EXTRA". In 2003, he took part in the comics-competition at "Manorfumetto" in Lugano (Switzerland), creating a piece that ranked among the top 30 finalists out of more than 200 participants, many of whom were established artists.

    In 2009 and 2010, Simone attended the Foundation Course at the University for the Creative Arts in Maidstone. This yearly course was crucial in building his confidence in the field of arts. He has had the opportunity to experiment with many new techniques that he had never had the chance to work with before, as well as the first steps into animation. He particularly enjoyed the stop-motion, as well as, hand drawn animation projects.

    During his Foundation Course in Maidstone, he managed to create two traditionally animated shorts. This year both of his shorts were selected by many American festivals for young filmmakers: National Film Festival for Talented Youth 2011 (which takes place every year in Seattle), 8th Westport Youth Film Festival (Connecticut), Blue Plum Animation Festival 2011 (Tennessee) and FilmOneFest 2011 (New Jersey). Simone's short "An Apple-Ending Story" was awarded Best Animation at Westport Youth Film Festival 2011.

    While attending the Foundation Year in Maidstone, he also entered the 5th UCA's Creative Challenge competition where his innovative idea won 3rd prize (a work placement by the British animation company Kanoti, located in Brighton).

    Now Simone is currently studying at the National Centre for Computer Animation in Bournemouth (UK).

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