The Choices-First Indian Vampire FIlm

    In The Year 1826 A Normal Man Got Cursed And Turned Into A Filthy Creature. Due To This Tragedy He Had To Face A Lot Of Pain In His Life. But One Day, All Of A Sudden He Got Disappeared And Then His Presence Was Felt After Some Centuries. Now In The Year 2014 He Is Living Among This Cruel World. He Has Transformed His Weakness Into His Strength. To Fulfill His Thirst He Is Assassinating The Corrupt.

    On The Other Hand There Is A Depressed Guy Named Alok Who Has No Other Person To Love Than His Grandfather. His Grandfather Is On The Verge Of Dying. Alok Tried His Utmost Best To Save His Grandfather But To No Avail. Having No Other Option Alok Makes Wrong CHOICE And Enters Into A Dangerous Situation Which Leads To Chaos.

    The Narrator Has Put This Two Stories In Such A Way That At One Point, These Stories Get Interlinked. How Does Alok’s Choice Affects Vampire’s Decision And “To Know In What Way These Stories Get Interlinked You Have To Watch The Movie”.

    CREWDETAILS: Vishal Vyas-Director,Concept by,Actor,Cameraman
    Kushal Sawant-Actor,Cameraman
    Suyash Khot-Actor,Cameraman
    Siddesh Amare-Actor,Camerman
    Shreyash Khot-Actor
    Rushal Shirodkar-Actor
    Amey Ahire-Actor

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