Chhaya is a parallel approach to the ubiquitous meaning of LUST. lust is not a very common emotion, and is definitely not restricted to physical satisfaction. Its a very powerful emotion. In this movie, the protagonist chhaya, is swayed by the overpowering emotions to get her crush or to get a high profile job , to an extent never seen before. these strong emotions can sometimes manipulate someone’s conscience to an extent that they may begin to doubt their own existence. Chhaya , shadow in English , reflects putting one’s personality in a coffin and covering it thus not realizing about their own existence.

    Ankit Mishra – Director & Producer
    Bikash Guru – Cinematography
    Hitesh Kumar – Editor
    Cast: Payal priya chand – chhaya (slim girl), swayam siddha mishra – chhaya(fat girl), zignesh biswal – college student, sachhikanta mishra – interviewer, ankit – chhaya’s crush, ankit – narration

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