Death of my soul

    Title “Death of My Soul” has many meanings for this documentary’s context which includes:-

    – It is the death of that person’s soul who is inhuman with the beggars and do not understand them.
    – It is the death of that person’s soul who is doing social discrimination with beggars.
    – It is the death of Mafia person who is doing (beating, deforming etc.) and putting people in beggary forcefully just to earn money.
    – It is the death of those beggars who feel that beggary is the easiest way of making money and do not care about human dignity.
    – It is the death of those authorities of rehabilitation centre who treat people (Beggars) worse than non-human being.

    This documentary talks about issue of beggary with various prospective.

    It starts with poetry of great Indian Saint and socialist Kabir Das and gives the view of great saint. This documentary explains that how beggary in India was introduced and practised in the old days and now what kind of shape it has taken in the country. This also takes the view of an Economist where he talks about how beggary impacts the economy of country and the society. This documentary explains that how in beggary, mafia plays a big role, where kids, women,
    elder people get beaten up and forcefully asked for begging. Right of Education of such children remains the big issue and social discrimination remains the big challenge for beggars.

    This documentary also discusses that how a beggar and its family can take this act as granted business, where in India, sometime a beggar can make more money than doing a labour work. This documentary also captures the Incident of beggars where they talk about rehabilitation centre which is also known as “Beggars Colony”. According to beggars, the condition of rehabilitation centres are pathetic and the kind of food they get to eat over there even dogs will not eat. NGO personality, who has experienced the environment of beggar’s colony, opens up more and explains why Rehabilitation centres are not upto the mark to live for a human being. Soon after taking/capturing these interviews, one incident was reported in Beggars colony, Bangalore. There was death of around 26 people in a single day in beggar’s colony. However, the authorities give different answers of death of beggars but it was automatically answerable that why many beggars died in a single day.

    The issue of beggary in today’s India still remains unanswerable and it is the society, people, Government and all human beings to decide that how this issue can be resolved and how every human being can live a life with dignity in the society.

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