Sex kya hota hai

    “Sex Kya Hota Hai?” (What’s Sex?) is a short satire on parents approach towards the children’s world. A child asks an innocent question to his parents but they simply end up overreacting to the whole situation. We all went through a face in our childhood wherein we often felt that we’re always misunderstood by our parents. But what we never realize is that after becoming parents, we look at our kids the same way our parents used to look at us. Yes we do always remember our childhood memories but we just never learn from it. Sure it is quite difficult to be a parent but being a kid isn’t easy either. It’s basically the communication between the two that come up with a proper solution for these problems. But unfortunately communication is the only thing that often doesn’t seem to take place between the two generations at all. And even if it does, it’s often misinterpreted by either of the two. And that’s what this short deals with.

    Star Cast
    Hardik Shinde
    Sanjivv Jotangia
    Shruti Ulfat

    Concept – Swapnil Vichare and Santosh Subhramaniam
    Writer, Producer, Director, Cinematographer, Editor – Jugal Kishor Tayal
    Creative & Music Director – Pragya Pallavi
    Executive Producer – Saroj Tayal
    Camera and Direction Assistant – Joytika Bannerjee
    Production Manager – Shardul Kamathe
    Location curtesy – Mrs. Madhu Arora & Mrs. Mangal Shinde
    Camera Co-ordinator – Inbu Sir

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