True Harsh Reality of Gang Rape (+18 only)

    Mumbai is a city with two faces, one of dreams, riches, opportunities. And another, of a ruthless machinery that sucks a prey into its dark voids. Its streets are crowded with hunters, hunting for the prospect that will change their lives.

    Often it is a job, like for Mohan, who is a software engineer from Lucknow. Or it is a customer, like for Mohini, who is a eunuch and prostitute fluttering in the night lights of Mumbai. The lanes and by-lanes form a living stage for this constant hunt, day and night. But, sometimes the line between hunter and prey dissolves in the cacophony of the city. And the hunter finds himself or herself sucked into its fetid bowels.

    The two-headed city promises to change more things than a person ever bargained for.

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