Change for a Change

    The Movie Is all about the voting,in which the youths are lagging behind to vote for the betterment of our country. There will be four friends. All four friends study in a same class and they also stay together. Once fine day they will get a holiday on behalf of election and all four will wake up late,Instead of voting they all decide to go for a trip.All will move for a tourist place. While travelling they will face so many problems like the roads will be not there in a proper condition ,they wont get proper water to drink and also there will be low shudding of electricity. Meanwhile there bike also get punchered hence they couldn’t get the basic needs. This will be noticed by all the friends and one will rise up seriously to vote for a proper candidate, in which he start moving for the election booth to vote, By seeing him all his friends motivate each other and even they will move to vote for the betterment of the country

    Moral : Youth are suppose to choose the proper candidates for the betterment of our country. Voting power is given for all the individual to select the proper candidate.Hence youth has to over come that.

    Story, Screenplay,Direction- Deepak Hassan S
    Cinematography – Raghavendra H Gowda
    Editing – Chandan CM
    Music- SSL Keshav
    Dialogues – Deepak Hassan S, V Arjun
    Voice dubbed by- srinivasn , shashank soghal ,swaroop,ratheesh,amruth,Deepak Hassan S
    Cast – amruth , swaroop ,ratheesh ,shashi kiran ,avinash

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