Dishkyaaav is kannada short film directed by Aditya Raveesh and written by Rohit padaki.

    Everybody has stolen something or the other in their lives at one point or the other, some steal food, some steal money, some steal valuables that money cannot afford to buy and some rare ones steal hearts. These two heartily steal.

    DISHKYAAV is a tale of two petty thieves who believe that they can steal anything under the sun. Given a chance, they would not be afraid of stealing the sun either.

    But, these are two normal unkempt faces walking amidst us stealing the pettiest of things on roads, in the malls and our marketplaces.

    Leaving aside the tense moment of stealing, life is a happy affair for these two till they get their dirty hands on something that should not have been touched.

    It’s weird that when you’re busy stealing a silly purse, somebody steals your destiny itself.

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