(a+b)^2 = ??! is a short film that deals with the one – day life of a boy named Akash, 5th std student. It tells us about how a child suffers in the society at an age where he should be enjoying and learning about the world .He is bound by the heavy and mentally challenging education system followed in our society. He has to face a lot of problems and hardships because of all the pressure put on him by his parents and teachers. He has to overcome those difficulties to make a life with what the society taught him. Parents have big dreams about their child and they go to any extend to make it possible without giving value to the dreams of the young mind. Every day after school he reaches home late in the evening because of his tuition classes. Even after that, he doesn’t get enough time to rest as he has to study for the upcoming exams and do his homework .

    He finds it too hard to complete all the work given to him. Finally he even reaches a stage where he has to bribe his own brother for putting a fake signature on his report card.

    Just like the Malayalam proverb “THUMBIYE KONDU KALLEDUPPIKKUKA”,here the boy is compelled to do things that are out of his reach. (a+b)^2 is a mathematical formula, which is usually taught in the 7th std, but he has to learn it in his 5th standard, which is out of his reach and thus the name. He has dreams and interests of his own, but he is far away from it. He is trapped inside a dark and difficult world, which is too much for him.

    Cast: Master Akash, Pushpa, Anish

    Direction and Story: Arun G.S
    D.O.P : Anand P.R
    Original BG : Sidhartha Pradeep
    Editing : Manu Krishnan
    Vfx : Sunil Prasad
    Asst.Director : Anish P.R

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