In today’s world where teenage issues have become just so common and friendship seems like a talk of days gone by, here is a refreshing short movie with a new take on the already explored disaster of our youth generation – Drug Addiction. This film tries to explore the arena and the circumstances which succumbed an innocent teenage boy just like you and me into the demonic universe filled with treachery, violence, money, power and everything else in between. Instead of focusing on the negative aspect of this generation which has been show cased far too much, this plot takes on the little positiveness left in today’s world which can be the cause for a major change in the negative attitude of teenagers – Friendship. This film portrays the life story of a teenage boy who caused neck deep in the bloody game of drug and violence, who had left all hopes. But what he didn’t realize was the love of his few friends with which he was able to win the battle and emerge victorious. This is a modern tale of teenage hardships, misunderstanding, friendship and forgiveness.

    Written & Directed By Sakhil K Suresh

    Assistant Directors :
    Arjun Anto

    Govind S Kumar

    Artists :
    Dinoop Raj

    Akash D Babu

    Midhun S Babu

    D.O.P :
    Arjun Anto

    Govind S Kumar


    Editors :
    Arjun Anto

    Sakhil K Suresh

    BGM & SFX : Ligin Avaas

    Production Controller: Rezeen


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