Iniyumoru Mazhayayi (once again as a rain)

    ‘Iniyumoru Mazhayayi… (once again as a rain…)’ is the story of a man who
    faces the unexplained mysteries of life such as love,memories and death at
    various points of his life.He is caught between the past and the present
    which is connected through a narrow bridge of love which keeps him to move
    on in life.Rain is a silent witness for all these,sometimes becoming a
    metopher of life.

    This is a short film venture of Cinemagic,a group of young independent
    filmmakers hailing from Trivandrum, the capital city of Kerala, India. The
    film deals with the very personal and intense emotional moments of an
    ordinary person during the course of his life.

    Running a length of 30 mins, the film has rank newcomers working in all its

    Directed & Edited by Jishnu Sreekantan
    Produced by Cinemagic
    Written by Mahesh Gopal
    Cinematography by Vishnu Mahendran
    Music by Jayahari P S

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