Life in seconds

    Behind every major road accidents, there will be competitions among two drivers and vehicles. This may be due to the mind set of two drivers, will be first in their mind, then it will flow into their head and last it will lead to the speeding of vehicles and causes accident. With a fraction of a second many lives are lost due to the over speed of vehicles. Here we tried to picturise the real after effect of accident, with out a blood drop.

    Direction : shiju Balagopal
    Produced by : Duis Pictures
    Cast : Jithin Padman, Athul Krishna
    Cinematography : Shiju balagopal, Jithin Jayanker
    Editing & Grading : Prashobh Kunjathur
    Concept : Jithin padman
    Music : Nived k Ratheesh
    Co-ordinator : Shiji TV
    Studio : Xperia kochi
    Special Thanks : Maneesh Mani joseph, Shinu Balagopal, Maya rajesh, Vimal murukesh, pratheesh
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