“Love is of all passions the strongest for it attacks simultaneously the head,the heart,and the senses”-Lao tzu..
    Have you experienced the butterflies in your stomach when you meet your someone special..??
    The feeling of your first love??
    The crush on the cute girl/guy in your school/college??
    Do you have a long lost childhood sweetheart??…
    Love is the best feeling in this world..and never happens only once..but the one that happens in our childhood really remains special..
    I’m sure everyone must have gone through this feeling maybe its because of the innocence in it…
    Yes its “AmeeraBoyz” and MFA 2011( Amrita School of Arts & science,kochi) back again with a simple love story “Mittayi”[ story & direction – VINOD MOHAN, editing-BALAGOPAL SS, direction of photography- JISHNU C KRISHNAN , sound design- SREE NATH , art- NIKHIL KUTTICHAL and
    posters n promotion-JIS ART WORKZ ].
    As the name indicates it is a sweet , innocent love story between two children “Neelima” and Neeraj” which brings back to us our beautiful childhood memories..

    Written & Directed By : Vinod Mohan,
    Cinematography : Jishnu C Krishnan,
    Edit & Story Idea : Balagopal S S,
    Sound Design : Sree Nath,
    Art : Nikhil Kuttichal,
    Posters & Design : Jis Art Workz,
    Creative Support : Midhunlal T R

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