Rocking Marbles

    Corners Bar Entertainment presents their first production Rocking Marbles. Featuring Ashim Ghimire, Anjana Prasain, Manish K.C. and Rachana Baral, Rocking Marbles takes you to a twisted journey of love and hate relation.

    A Jinesh Niroula film.

    Ashim Ghimire – Actor/Screenplay
    Anjana Prasain – Actor/Makeup/Editor
    Manish K.C. – Actor
    Rachana Baral – Actor/Makeup/Assistant Director
    Bishwa Subedi – Production Advisor
    Prakash Silwal – Art Director/Production Advisor
    Keshav Raj Upadhyaya – Lighting Technician/Art Director/Assist. Director
    Ram Krishna Ghale – Screenplay
    Jinesh Niroula – Story/Screenplay/Editor/Director
    Corners Bar Entertainment – Producer

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