The story begins when a school boy found a gun along his way back home at the road side. The boy hides the gun inside his school bag. He is excited to have the gun. The boy not aware that he is having a original gun. He had fun and playing around the gun. Unfortunately, the gun gets fired towards a pregnant woman. The boy get shocked and scared and immediately run away from the night market. He ran and ends up in an old building and throws the gun. The boy left the gun at the building. One day, one psycho man found the same gun at the place where the boy left it. The psycho man took the gun and screen freeze.

    Cast: Ajay Shafiq,Waty Varsha & M.Suresh
    Cinematographer,Editor,Director : M.Suresh
    Make up : Waty Varsha
    Sound Effect: Gengraju
    Production Designer: M.Suresh & Zainul Fitri
    Producer: M.Suresh & Saravanan Nair

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