Written & Directed
    Souvik Gupta

    India has always been known as the land of ‘unity in diversity’ – a country where people of multiple religions, languages and beliefs stay together and share the feeling of ‘one motherland’. The irony behind this unity however lies in the wide-spread belief among Indians that they are not staying together but are being made to stay together.

    Differences exist even in the smallest unit – family. But we don’t blame that unit because we like calling it our own. Acceptance comes quickly because we consider us to be part of others and others as a part of us. However, the same earnestness of accepting doesn’t surface when the others involved belong to a different family – religion – state – language. In this world of black and white, we must take the onus of rising beyond the differences to ensure that the macro perspective of the country is not jeopardised.
    The key to the multitude of asynchronies lies in accepting the persons around us. Only if we stop treating them as others and consider them as our own, can we attain ‘National Harmony’ in the true sense of the term. It’s only when we become a family that we make a family.

    ‘NEIGHBOUR’ is primarily a story of two people, a Muslim bachelor and a Hindu house-wife, who stay next doors in a building (situated anywhere in India). The religious barrier has prevented any camaraderie or empathy to grow between them. On the other hand, both of them are struggling with their personal life crisis.
    The story traces how these two individuals transgress the boundaries of indifference not only to develop a friendship that stands as a support but also to be called each other’s Family!!

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