True Mirror

    This is a short film attempt about the life tree, that provides each and every thing to human what he needs, but human remains unsatisfied and more thirsty when stepping up each stage of life. Finally gets the meaning of the life at his death but its natures secret. cant explain it to anybody. his soul fades to unknown destiny with the weird feel.

    Here mirror is in gold rectangle frame. What ever we may think it as Knowledge,goal, a system or it may be a mindset. If we adjusted to this frame we can get anything in life that is shown here symbolically.

    this concept duration is about to 15mins, For the reason of a different presentation we used the MIME art as the concept convey act. and it has no language barriers any human of this planet comes under this cycle.

    Directed by : Vijaykumar N.M, Rangaa
    Mime performence by : Sukhesh
    Director of photography : Naveen Akshi
    Concept & Editing : Rangaa
    Produced By : Sudarshan.G

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