Script-Shots-VFX-Direction : Sangeeth
    DOP : Dhilip Kumar (DJ)
    EdiTING : Jay Vijay
    Music : Priyadarshan
    SFX : Jo
    Cast : Siddharth, Naveen, Suresh, Dhiip
    Dubing & SFX Studio : G Media’s
    VFX Studio : IconoFx
    Producer : Swaminathan & Saraswathi

    Won Award @ Gateway National Level Short Film Competition 2012

    Best Editing
    Best Cinematography

    Dhilip Kumar J received the best Cinematographer award and Jay Vijay received the best Editor award after the screening at PVR CINEMAS. FYI the movie was shortlisted in the TOP 5 movies out of the 200 odd entries.!!