Ingayum Kaadhal

    Ingayum kaadhal is a light hearted Humorous Corporate Love story with a crazy out of box idea .The Entire Story is narrated in the conversation of two individuals Ajay and Prakash in a bar .The Plot of the story is as Follows .

    Ajay is a Final year computer Engineering student known as a nerd (pazham) by his fellow mates and the society .He is studious and innocent .But all these were until the his campus placement .After getting placed ,he emerge as a charming ,extravagant Corporate Individual .

    He goes to the office with full zeal during his induction day ,where he meets his fellow colleagues and share lighter moments with them .The first day of his Job starts with a general introduction about each and every freshers . At this point of time Ajay meets his dream girl ,who attracts him with her way of intro .She full fills all the criteria’s of ajay’s expectations for a life partner,So obviously he fell in love with her 

    All the freshers were allocated with respective cabins and after settling in his cabin Ajay receives a google talk ping with the symbol “B” as the display pic .Inquisitively Ajay enquires the identity of the person who pinged him ,by a reply .The reply from the other end says “I am Bavani Dude, I am impressed by the way you introduced yourself .“Ajay on cloud nine was extremely happy to get a sudden and unexpected ping from his dream girl .As days passes the conversation changes in to flirt ,at one point of time bavani proposes Ajay and give him a day to think over it .

    Ajay ,being the most happiest person on the planet ,prepares himself for the acknowledgement for bavani’s proposal and moves to the office canteen the next day with a rose on his hand .He expresses his interest over her .The surprising twists and the unexpected incidents following this proposal makes the remaining portion of the story .

    The movie ends with a hilarious message with an excerpt from thirukuraal ,which is an indispensable advice for all the present day lovers

    Cast and Crew :
    Mohankumar – Ajaykumar
    VarshaPemmaraju – Bavani
    Prakash – Prakash (Bar Drunker)
    Nagaraj – BavaniShankar
    Ajay – Kumar
    TrincyRoselin – Anitha
    SelvaPrabhu – Gautam Subramanian (HR)
    Sujatha – Sujatha


    Editing & VFX

    Story,Screenplay,Dialogue & Direction

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