New Husbands

    “From the team of New Roommate 2303 & White Bird, here comes another light hearted, a short film carrying the stories from real lives. Like the tremendous support all online fans gave us in the last two shorts, hope everyone is able to relate to this short as well and have a good laugh. We are not professionals but we try hard to learn and deliver, we do make mistakes but with your support, we put a smile and keep moving forward.

    This short is another attempt to just tell a story of how Indian men change or transform after marriage, especially within the social circle. There is no one to blame here, the film is just a fun way to show you what this class of men called Husbands do, in their day today lives. We picked the stories of men in the USA, who work on H1B or students but married. We present to you – New Husbands, hope you will like it and provide your support. Spread the word for us, its not easy to pull off a movie, we are just part-timers with passion in film making.

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    WTH Productionz Team

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