It is the story of a teenage boy who dreams of a college education, is sent to work by his alcoholic father for the fulfillment of his selfish motive. The dejected boy gets involved with the wrong company which leads to his drug consumption which ultimately leads to his death

    Story-Screenplay-Dialogue-Direction by Vignesh Ravichandran
    Direction of photography – Justin
    Music – Jeffery
    Background score – Pawan
    Editing – Govind
    Single track song mixed by Dom nick
    Sound effects – Chandrakanth
    Sound designed by Shanmugam
    Lyrics – Mani
    Singer – Jeffery
    Stills – SP.arun & Karthic
    Production manager – Ariyalur Stalin
    Costumes – Shalini / Desibel studio, Chimmez studio & Green Apple studios
    Casting: Sheldon Anthony, Daniel Dinesh, Mohanbabu, Haaris Jayavelu, Munusamy
    Associate Directors: V.Muthu, Denver Vanderveen
    Assistant Directors: Gokul, Anand, Yogi.V

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