An Inspiration by Kalyan Ragi

    Every man dreams in his life, to make their dreams come true, some people work hard and some just live in their dreams. This story is about a man who live in his dreams. His name is Anand 28 years old, Anand comes to Hyderabad to start up his own business, but losses money now he in search of jobs, even he is offered a job he rejects it thinking that the salary offered to him is very less to his talent. One day he meets a girl called Madhu in a park. Madhu is a prostitute. Anand does not know this. They both have become good friends, one day losses hope in life and every thing to Madhu, then Madhu reveals to him that she is a prostitute and explains him the mode of reality in life. Through that Anand get inspired and join a normal job again.