Feelings @Love Incomplete

    This short film is an true story of a guy who loved a girl who is of other religion ; but a decision changed the life of him.

    ACE Movie Entertainments Presents “Feelings”

    Written and Directed by Jithin(JMK) and Praneet Raj
    Leads are Pratap Narasimham and Hima Bindu
    Cast: Pratap Narasimham, Hima Bindu, Sandhya Parsa, Kiran Kumar Deshmukh, Mahesh, Arjun Ausekar, Pradeep Swaroop, Vini Karnati, Tulaja, Prateek Pawar, Arjun Babu, PardhaSaradhi, Anirudh Raj, Poornima

    Cinematographer: Karthik Avanth
    Dialogues: Sai Madhuri K
    Editors: Jithin(JMK) and Pratap Narasimham
    Assistant Cinematographers: Mrinal and Vini
    Production Managers: Arjun and Tulaja
    Dubbing Artists: PardhaSaradhi, Mrinal, Praneet Raj, Jithin(JMK), Anirudh Raj
    Media Partners: Hello Hyderabad

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