Na Mobile Poindhi

    A married guy lost his mobile phone, which contains his important and personal data. While searching whom he met and what happened at the end is the story.

    Cast: Suresh Kumar Biradar – Santosh Seth, Santosh – Mobile Guy, Jai Kishan Biradar – Posh Guy, Gyaneshwar Mane – Aunty, Sulemaan – Shaik Ali Pasha, Sim Card – Devender

    R K Sagar – Story, Screenplay, Dialogues, Direction
    Anil Abbadi – Cinematography
    Editing and SFX – Srikanth Akula
    Santosh Vodnala – Sound Engineer
    Unit Manager – D Manohar
    Production Manager – Vijay Kandagatla
    Dubbing – G Vijaya Laxmi
    Costumes – Shaik Arif

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