On your feet-cant we tell a story with legs?

    “On your feet (cant we tell a story with legs?)” is a simple story where the feelings and expressions in it are conveyed through feet.Actually we all have been growing up listening to stories,but in reality,only life and death are the two ultimate truths,the rest is a story and that,is a autobiography.from the story of seven fishes to our chatting stories,we can think of so many stories and each story has so many emotions and the listener has options to see and to hear what is told,but for the story teller there are so many options.he can convey through eyes,through words,through painting,through movies and yes through feet also! Dont be surprised,our feet expresses lot of emotions.they jump when we are happy,tremble when we are scared,freeze when we are in stress,play with toenails when shy and hit the floor if angry.in this way so many emotions are conveyed through our feet.to keep it short,not only through words,our feet can also convey words and tell stories.on this thought we have put our small little efforts on “On your feet”

    Casting: Orati saha, Shylja Sharma, Vishnukanth.
    Editing :Raghu
    Grading & Special effects: Amarnath
    Music By: Niru
    Written, Shot & Directed by Mahendar Kududula


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