Aneesh goes to work

    Inspired By shinya tsukamoto’s Testuo i decided to make a stop motion video for my physiology of vision class. After 2500 photos this is the Final product. A tribute to Shinya Tsukamoto, Anurag Kashyap, Kim Ki Duk, Zhuangzi, Jean-Luc Godard, CMC Campus, Kerala Beef Curry, Kaalan Koda, The Hindu Newspaper, Facebook , google, Zen, Nihilism, Physiology, Cognition, Cinema and a musical tribute to Queen (the greatest Rock band ever), Bryan Adams,The Beatles,Aerosmith Evanescence,One Republic Henry Wolfe and Wolf mother.. hail Kopimism.. hail dudeism..Enjoy

    Shinya tsukamoto has seen the video.he liked the first part..He retweeted the video on twitter Am fulfilled..A genius and a great man

    The songs in order are :
    Pimsleurs (japanese)
    Dont stop the train (Henry wolfe)
    Bohemian rhapsody (Queen)
    Bring me to life (Evanescence),
    Vagabond (Wolfmother),
    Come together (The beatles)
    On a day like today (Bryan Adams)
    Janies got a gun (Aerosmith)
    Stop and stare (One republic)

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