Sunday – A CFSI children movie

    A fun film for children. A must watch in the genre of children films. Sunday is must watch children cinema for all kind of children, be it naughty, notorious, adventuresome, brave and intelligent. This Film is produced by Children’s Film Society, India (CFSI).It’s an award winning children’s film directed by Late Mr. Pankaj Advani.
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    Junior is a fun loving, carefree and highly imaginative little boy – a seeker adventure. He lives in a cottage near the sea with his parents. His father, who has gone for a business trip is returning back on Sunday Mother and Son make plans to receive father at the station and spend an exciting holiday together. Little do they know what adventures lie in store for them. Father sleeps through the halt at the station, while the mother and son wait for him on the platform. The train leaves without him getting down and then follows series of incidents which get progressively more and more fantastic. The film shows how the characters deal with the incredible situations which keep popping up with frightening intensity. A film about separations and reunions, about arrivals and departures, about slapstick and magic and of course about trains and cars and tempos and road-rollers and motorcycles and unicycles. A relentless Roller-Coaster ride, featuring the absent-minded grandfather, the old driver, the clown, the naughty T.T.E. and an assortment of other characters.