Akkanathil Trailer

    Akkanathil is a tamil word meaning “at that moment”.Majorly set on a valentine’s day this is the story about two different sets of people (a life of an IT couple and a relationship between father and son) from different backgrounds and their various travel of emotions. At a certain point the two different lives said above and a plot involving atm robbery gets connected. The happenings after that form the rest of the story. Finally the film ends in an orphanage discussing various social awareness and delivers a needed message to the viewers.

    Awards and Recognition:
    Akkanathil has been officially nominated for screening in “The woodpecker international film festival” as one of the two films from state of TN held at Delhi.
    It has been officially selected for screening at “Festellen short film festival”, Bangalore.
    Most recently “on Feb 28th 2014 Akkanathil has won Awards for “BEST DIRECTOR AND BEST EDITOR” in “AGOG national film festival”, Mumbai.

    Director : Keerthinath.R
    Co – director : Srinath Ramgopal
    Post production : Monsoon Studios