Chhaayaa Trailer

    A Short “Feature”, this 16:53 minuter film focuses on a young girl named Chhaayaa who has had a terrible childhood and the the time since then, she has been living with her torturous uncle. Her life takes a twist and gives her a few surprises after one day when she manages to escape. she is a girl with almost no confidence, very much introvert. she becomes friends with a girl who co-incidentally shares the same name as of her. Despite this girl who shares the room with Chhaayaa being totally opposite to what Chhaayaa is they share a unique bond. The suspense lies thereafter. There is a beautiful song which totally relates to the film and which you can listen below. The title of the song is “Daudi daudi si udne lagi hoon aaj” sung and composed by Sujal ‘Hulchul Boy’ written by Parth Joshi.

    Starring Aarti Zala, Sejal Arora, Dipna Kirpalani, Dhirubhai Desai