Karma Trailer

    “Life is an echo. Everything comes back. All that the man does whether it is good, bad, the false,
    the true, comes back to him.We are whirling around a vicious cycle.
    This short film focuses on various qualities of man such as love, relationships, responsibilities and his
    craving for money !!Anything obtained illegally or by force doesn’t stay for much time with us but on
    the other hand it goes back to the person who owned it and deserved it.
    We may not get what we desire but we cannot escape from what we deserve !
    This is the rule of life.. The law of Karma!

    Story – Screenplay – Editing – Direction: Dhiwakar KR
    Cinematography: Manish Murthy
    Music: Sreeram Anand
    Co-Director: S S Dinesh Kumar
    Associate Director: Praveen Kumar
    Lyricist: Ganapathi P
    Dialogues: Sreeanand
    SFX and Sound Mixing: Rajkumar
    Singers: Arjun M, Gem Rose Kuriakose, Kavitha K, Laya Menon, Nikhil Krishnan, Pradeep K, Vaasavi R, Yeshwanth M
    Stills: Barani
    Montage Shots: Manish Murthy, Prabanchan VS, Parthiban Rajendran
    Subtitles: Anusha Jagannath

    Cast: Software Engineer – Uday Bhasker, Police constable – Barani, Helper- Balakumar, Tresspasser1- Nellaiappan, Tresspasser2- Parthiban Rajendran, Tresspasser3-Mahesh Babu, Sweet Shopkeeper-Senthil, Dress shopkeeper- Meenachi, Peon- Gopalakrishnan, Peon’s Daughter- Smitha, Officer – MD Murthy, Builder- Shanmugham, Builder’s Helper- Gopinath, Officer’s Son-Susindra Krishnan, Software Engineer’s Lover- Anushree K Salim