Magic Trailer

    MAGIC is a tale about intense friendship, love and affection revolving around three college buddies – Rupam, Gulshan and Dodo. Gulshan is doing her internship with a leading news channel under famous news editor Aniket Bhattacharya.

    Rupam is quite a bit reserved, cultured and loving human being and on the contrary his girlfriend Gulshan is a daring, adventurous, bold, intense, sensitive by nature. Dodo is a trouble shooter by nature and always appears as a messiah whenever Rupam and Gulshan o either of them faces any critical problems in life. Gulshan lovingly named Dodo as “MAGIC MAN” (the man who can solve any crisis with his magical power).

    While returning from a remote/rural area (after completion of an official assignment) Gulshan comes accross a sudden problem when she finds herself threatened by few local criminals (politically supported). When she refuses to submit to their undue demands and they proceeds to abuse her. Just then Dodo appears like a real magic man and rescues her from that danger.

    While the two friends were walking towards the railway station, Gulshan receives a call from Rupam, who breaks a shocking news to her. A news that creates havoc and changes her entire perception about life and death.

    Whats that piece of news? what happens thereafter?

    Please watch our film ‘MAGIC’ to unwind the truths behind life and death.