How Would a man feel if his perfect life takes a violent U-turn and destroys everything he has? That man would be like the protagonist of NOTHINGNESS, Makarand Joshi (Mac) who is a dismissed NASA scientist working for 7 years on his dream project funded by NASA which wants to find the answer to one of to the biggest secret mankind has been kept away from “what happens after death?”.But Things go bad and Mac ends up losing his wife Sangeeta to a car accident and his mission fails when the astronauts who know the answers to his 7 years of struggle commit suicide on their return back to the shuttle instead of recording their statement. Jobless and alone, frustrated and on the brink of madness, Mac returns back to his deceased parent’s house in India and starts living between the thin line of the real and the unreal world of his mind and starts conversing with his dead wife Sangeeta his only source of venting out his frustration and lost love. Will Mac be able to survive this NOTHINGNESS he dwells in or will his miseries consume him?