Inspired by a True Story

    written By Jay

    Inspired by a True story. The story revolves around a man suffering with misophonia (Selective Sound Sensitivity Syndrome) living with his family in an apartment, encounters a strange noise from his neighborhood every night at a specific time. The man in the process of identifying the strange noise, that frustrates him, merely ends up losing some of the precious characteristics of a Human race.

    Story Summary
    Varun, lives in an apartment all alone suffering from Misophonia.
    He meets an Omani neighbor who just happened to move in to the apartment next to Varun’s. Sometime back, Varun met Niki his wife, for the first time, at the same apartment where the Omani has moved in. This triggers memories of few good moments he had with Niki.
    Incidentally, Varun is separated from Niki, and has been constantly following up with his lawyer and friend Zak to file his divorce papers.
    Zak is a good friend of Varun and Niki both and tries hard to convince Varun not to go for the divorce.
    Between living a stressful life and trying to cope with the circumstances, Varun hears strange noises from his neighbor’s flat, which aggravates his misophonic condition.
    Irritated by this sound everyday, he decides to confront the neighbor.
    What happens next? The story revolves around his past, his present and the mystery behind the strange noise from his neighbor’s flat.